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If you are reading this text, then you are interested in cosmetology or trichology services in Moscow. You have come to the right place!

El medico Laser & Cosmetic Clinic is well-known for its advanced dermatology treatments. Our facility has advanced equipment with the latest technology and our experienced cosmetologists provide tailor-made treatments as per the specific needs of our patients.

You can refer to us for diagnostics, prevention and treatment of skin and hair, as well as advanced scientific-based rejuvenation.

Our hygiene and safety records are unparalleled, and we are proud of it. We are well-known for our best practices and have a great track-record of successfully treating patients who visit us from across the globe.

Complete Cosmetic Treatment

Our skin, hair, and cosmetic treatments range from basic to advanced and are customized as per the patients’ needs. Trichology treatment, injection and hardware cosmetology are our specialties. We also treat various kinds of skin diseases, apart from providing aesthetic treatments.

Why you should choose El medico

4 main subdivisions: trichology, injection cosmetology, hardware cosmetology, aesthetic cosmetology

More than 40 of the most modern methods of skin and hair rejuvenation and treatment.

7 to 24 years — professional experience of the clinic’s doctors

30 cosmetic and medical procedures

12 hardware technologies

safety and effectiveness

Male cosmetology

Moreover, we cannot fail to note that in the last 5-6 years we have noticed an increase in the demand for anti-aging procedures among men. If earlier our services were used by 10 men out of 1000 regular customers, today this figure has increased by 4 times. Following the principle of a personalized approach, we have developed a separate work line  — male cosmetology, including safe and effective procedures for men.

How to contact our clinic

You can contact our clinic (+7 999 003 15 85) and say “I speak only English” – then you will be redirected to the English-speaking specialist. You can sign up for a consultation with a cosmetologist, dermatologist medical doctor or a trichologist. Immediately on the consultation you will receive a treatment plan which is personally customized according your history or problem. If you already know what procedure you want —  just tell us — we will leave time for the procedure after consultation.

Procedures in our clinic

Hardware (apparatus) cosmetology

  • Laser hair removal - Elos plus (Syneron)
  • Photorejuvenation ELOS (trinity)
  • Radio-Frequency Resurfacing (ablative)
  • Non-ablative Radio-Frequency lifting (thermage)
  • Acne treatment
  • Removal of neoplasms
  • Removal of blood vessels (vascular spots on the face)
  • Removal of pigmentation
  • Ultrasonic peeling
  • Microcurrent electrical neuromuscular therapy

Injection cosmetology

  • Biorevitalisation
  • Mesotherapy
  • Lip contouring
  • Facial contouring
  • Dermafil thread lifting
  • Facelift with APTOS threads
  • Correction of facial wrinkles (botulinum therapy)
  • Full face advanced botulinum treatment (HOT!)
  • Redermalisation
  • Placental therapy
  • Hyperhidrosis treatment

Aesthetic cosmetology

  • Treatments on professional cosmetics
  • Facials for all skin types and timings
  • Microcurrent therapy
  • Beauty facial massage

Trihology - hair care

  • Trichoscopy - Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Hair loss after coronavirus (HOT!) - our trichologists with 20 years of experience can solve even this problem
  • Androgenic alopecia treatment
  • PRP-therapy - platelet treatment for hair and scalp via own blood plasma injection
  • Mesotherapy of scalp with the use of special medication. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor selects the optimal cocktail for injection to strengthen the hair follicles, activate the growth of new hair and regulate hair metabolism at the cellular level.
  • Laennec therapy – Enhanced restoration and regeneration. injections of a Japanese drug based on a placental hydrolyzate. Laennec includes 11 cellular enzymes, 18 amino acids, more than 40 minerals, 100 enzymes, cytokines and vitamins C, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12.
  • Individually selected therapeutic care plan using the exclusive trichological.
  • Nutritional support - vitamin and mineral complex, amino acids, etc. customized and based on the patients’ blood tests.

Out aesthetic  dermatology clinic was established  in 2011 in Moscow.

We are happy to share our rich experience for the benefit of your beauty and health.

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